TPU Housing, Red Filter Glass, 62.4mm Inner Diameter #FSR51-R V2

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Made of rugged TPU, these filters slip over the head of the flashlight and are available in red, green and blue colors as well as a white diffuser.  They are useful for navigating at night, hunting, law enforcement, and military applications, among others.  Red light is commonly used to help to preserve night vision and also reduces the probability of alerting game animals, which generally do not pick up red light as well.  While also difficult for animals to see, green light additionally helps people with enhanced visual acuity as our eyes are more receptive to green light.  Blue is often used by law enforcement to increase the visibility of sweat and blood, which also helps hunters with tracking animals.  The white diffuser provides softer area light.  Filters are available in different sizes to fit multiple Olight flashlights.