Vanguard Equalizer 2 Pivot Bi-pod (13 - 27 inch)

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Compact and lightweight, the Vanguard Equalizer 2 Hunting Bipod 334484 is a big hit for those wanting a pivoting bipod with a low profile for quick deployment. This Shooting Bipod built by Vanguard has a unique Pull and Position leg adjustment system that enables you to quickly and safely reposition. A buffer spring on the Equalizer 2 Bipod by Vanguard reduces shock and vibration while providing a solid shooting base. This Vanguard Gunpod has a pivot tilt of 0° to 5° and a -30° to +30° swing angle. The Vanguard Equalizer Gunpod for Hunters has metal spiked feet that easily convert to rubber and provide extra stability in multiple terrains.

Specifications for Vanguard 2 Equalizer Shooting Bipod:

  • Extended Height: 685mm
  • Folded Height: 325mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • Extended Height: 27in
  • Folded Height: 13 3/4in
  • Weight: 0.95lbs
  • Swivel range: -30° - +30°
  • Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Leg